#2 Mistborn Trilogy = Super!

So, I finished book three of the Mistborn Trilogy a few minutes back. Three books in three days, and it’s been one hell of a ride. It’s changed my view of what unputdownable really means. I literally couldn’t stop reading the series, rushing to the climax at a headlong pace with only the necessity of sleep to distract me.

I thought the first book was grand, but now… I’m just overwhelmed. It’s the best epic fantasy I’ve read in quite a while now, in terms of sheer entertainment. The breakneck pace, the superb worldbuilding, the ever deeper revelations, just AWESOME! I’ll be posting a review sometime later, because right now I’m just too overwhelmed and dazzled by the series.

But I WILL say this : I absolutely loved it. And you will, too. Go read it!

Edit : After days of struggling, I’ve realised there’s not much I have to add about Mistborn apart from what I’ve already said above and my review for the first book. So, yeah, there’s not going to be a seperate review for the whole trilogy. :/


One thought on “#2 Mistborn Trilogy = Super!

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