#14 Fae – The Realm of Twilight


The Wyrde is dead and gone, its protection passed into the ether. The fae have been loosed upon the world as they begin their wild hunt, a nightmare from fables and legend made flesh.
At Hesk, in the heart of the Barren Isles Ylsriss must confront a reality she never could have imagined when her son is stolen from her by the fae. Her desperate attempts to reclaim him lead her far from this world and deep into the Realm of Twilight, where a still darker truth awaits her.
As the Bjornmen invaders drive their way deeper into Anlan, King Pieter refuses to act. Selena is forced to confront him directly even as Devin and Obair flee Widdengate and begin a search for answers, seeking help from a woman who may little be more than a memory.


Disclaimer : I received a copy from the author in return for a review.

The Realm of Twilight continues the Riven Wyrde Saga, which began with The Wild Hunt. (my review of book 1).

The barriers between the two worlds have finally fallen, meanwhile the Bjornmen continue their attack on Anlan. The plot is mostly split between the normal human world – detailing the ongoing war between Anlan and the Bjornmen, and the fae world – the titular Realm of Twilight.

Like a good sequel, The Realm of Twilight continues to do what it did well in the first installment, and improves upon many of the issues I had with The Wild Hunt. For a start, the worldbuilding advances in leaps and bounds as we get to see the Fae’s world. It provides a lot of background and details about the Fae, and they finally start to coalesce into an actual people rather than just being shadowy figures. Like any good mystery though, it answers questions only to raise even bigger ones.

On the mundane human world, war rages on. In typical human fashion, people continue to squabble and fight even in the face of much bigger problems. The duchess Selena, which I found to be rather boring in Book 1, becomes more interesting as she is thrown into courtroom politics when she goes to demand help from the king against the Bjornmen.

Rhenkin and his forces face off against Kloss and the islanders in a well written but inconclusive battle. Meanwhile, Devin and Obair go off looking for answers, and find more than they bargained for. There’s dark and mysterious hints about the nature of the Wyrde, but it seems real answers must wait for book 3.

On the downside though, the book felt spread too thin. At a little over 300 pages, but with almost half a dozen POVs, we get to see rather little of the characters. That might be just me though – I’ve become far too used to 1000+ page tomes.

All in all, a solid sequel that improves upon the original and left me hungry for more. Oh, and I loved the cover. Not relevant to the reading itself, but it is pretty pretty.

My Rating : 3.75/5

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