So what’s this about?

As the about text says, this is “A chronicle of my journey through the captivating world of the written word.”. Yep, that’s the fanciest I could get.

I’m going to spell out what I mean by that, for my readers*, as well as a sort of crystallisation of my thoughts about this blog.
So… this blog is going to have :


Don’t like ’em? Then this is not the place for you. I’m going to be discussing the books I read. Not just reviews though. For starters, I don’t have the first idea how to review a book, or anything for that matter. But I’ll certainly give it a shot. It’ll be also quite subjective, in that instead of trying to evaluate a book dispassionately, I’ll focus more on how I felt reading the book. I’ll also talk about reading, which is a somewhat separate matter, though related to books. There’s more, but in the form of nebulous, half-formed ideas that I can’t quite pin down right now.

What sort of Books?

Any sort that I like. This is MY blog. (Cue maniacal laugh)
If you expect highbrow discussions where I wax eloquent about “serious” literature, nope, not gonna happen. At least, not for the foreseeable future. So no Shakespeare, Chaucer, Kafka, Dostoevsky and the like.

I try to read as much, and as variedly, as possible. But, like any reader, I tend to lean more towards certain kinds of books. So here’s what you can expect me to talk about :

  • Fantasy. For a variety of reasons, I read a lot of fantasy. Mostly epic, multi-volume sagas spanning thousands of pages. This tendency towards series rather than standalone books is true in general for me.
  • Science Fiction. Especially space operas.
  • Thrillers/Mystery. Not a huge fan, but the sheer amount of these books means I tend to read plenty of them. Plus a lot of books from other genres have these elements.
  • Historical Fiction. Not too much, but I do read one of these now and then.
  • Non Fiction. Mostly physics, humour, programming and the like.
  • Surprises! Like I said, I try to read all sorts of stuff. So it could be anything that catches my fancy.

Rating Guidelines

There are all sorts of rating systems around, but I’ll be sticking to a simple score out of 5. Partly because I also intend to post my reviews on Goodreads. On the blog though, I am going to use non-integer values, so stuff like 3.75/5 is totally possible. Goodreads, of course, doesn’t allow such ratings, so I’ll round up (or down). The 3.75 for example, would become a four star rating.

Here’s a rough explanation for the scale :

– Masterpiece. Pure awesomeness.  I was up all night reading it. I’ll be badgering my friends to read it. Reserved for the best stuff that blew my mind.

4 – Pretty great book, but a few issues here and there. Still highly recommended.

– So so. Has it’s strengths and weaknesses. You’ll just have to read the review to decide whether to hit or miss it.

– Not to my taste. It may have had some nice bits, but on the whole didn’t enjoy reading it.

– Horrible. Abandoned. Just skip it. Reserved for truly, truly terrible books.

It goes without saying that these are my reviews – which means that these are my personal, subjective opinions.


I also accept book copies from authors in exchange for reviews. But if that is the case, it will be noted in the review post. The review will still be honest, irrespective of whether I got the book from the author, or bought it with my own money, or checked it out of a library, or borrowed it from a friend…

I will not do paid reviews.

Feedback Welcome!

This is my first serious attempt at writing, so I’ll most probably do a horrible job. So any comments, tips, criticisms are welcome

Contact me:

Goodreads | Twitter | Email

PS : This started out as a Quora blog but I decided to move it to WordPress later on.

*If there are any, that is. Fingers crossed!


Comments? Questions? Rants?


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